Les Gaston-Johnston and how i became an Artist.

Born in 1961 in a small town called Erith in Kent.

The main mediums I work with are pastels and coloured pencils.
Have been interested in art since school, but it’s not really been since 1995 that I started to really learn and understand the arts and painting. So, as a self-taught artist learning from books, videos, exhibitions and other artist; doing a few courses here and there picking up techniques along the way. Currently completing an online art course which delves deeper in understanding my style.

Living and working in Chesham since 2007, having noticed and took in the beauty of the area and from the landscape of the hills my art enthusiasm took hold and haven’t looked back since. But it was not the landscape that took my attention It was towards people and faces so it was portraits that really inspired me over the past few years. My first real accomplishment was doing a commission piece for a work colleague who glad to say was very pleased with it.

2017 i enter a few pieces into an exhibition, as it was my first i was very nervous and excited at having my work displayed to the general public but it was a wonderful experience and one i would do again.